Code Of Conduct

Conference code of conduct plays a key role in ensuring that every attendee has a positive experience during the event. These rules are in place to ensure respect for all participants and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

One of the basic rules is respect for all participants. Regardless of position, title or experience, every participant deserves to be treated with respect. This implies polite behaviour, kindness and willingness to listen to the opinion and attitude of others. In addition, participants are expected to respect other people’s time and hourly rate, in order to enable the program to run smoothly.

It is also important to maintain order and silence during lectures and panel discussions. This allows participants to concentrate on the content and make the most of their presence at the conference. Interaction between participants is essential, but it is expected to take place in a constructive manner, without interrupting or disturbing other people.

In addition, participants should respect the rules of the area where the conference is held. These include rules about smoking, consumption of food and drinks, as well as the use of equipment and premises. All participants are also required to respect intellectual property rights, not to use materials presented at the conference without proper permission or accreditation.

The importance of prohibiting discrimination and harassment on any basis is particularly emphasised. The conference is committed to an inclusive environment where every participant feels welcome and safe. Therefore, any form of discrimination or harassment is strictly condemned and sanctioned.

The conference organiser strives to provide a safe environment at this event. Participants should report any behaviour that is not in accordance with the principles stated here – to staff, volunteers or security, on site, or at

Participants are key in creating a positive atmosphere at the conference. Compliance with the rules of conduct is not only an obligation, but also a reflection of professionalism and respect for the entire community. Together, we can ensure that the conference is successful and inspiring for all participants.


Extend The Weekend

Subotica in the spring is beautiful, and full of various events. Therefore, inviting your partner or family for an extended weekend in Subotica can be a great idea!

Enjoy the charms of the city and explore everything that Subotica has to offer.

Friends Of The Conference

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