We are looking forward to April and the opportunity to welcome you in beautiful Subotica. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and complete the experience of expanding your professional knowledge with an unforgettable time in a city that is synonymous with centuries-old culture and gastronomic tradition. Stay a few more days and enjoy what Subotica has to offer. Hang out with colleagues, meet new people or surprise your partner with a weekend in this romantic city. Here are some useful tips and informations on how to get there easily and enjoy your stay in Subotica to the fullest.

Activities In Subotica

Welcome to Subotica, a place rich in diverse contents and natural beauty that will enchant you at first sight. Here’s what you can experience during your stay:

Surroundings Of Subotica

Lake Palić: Rest on the shore of Lake Palić, explore Palić Tower, Women’s Beach, discover the secrets of Heres Park and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Ludaško Lake: Visit this peaceful lake surrounded by a nature reserve, ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Subotica sands: Spend the day exploring the sand dunes and nature trails in this unique sandpit, ideal for an active vacation.

Kelebija Forest: Enjoy walks through this green sanctuary rich in lush vegetation and diverse plant and animal life.

Unique Experiences

Tambura bands: Experience an authentic tambura experience in Subotica, a city that hosts some of the best tambura orchestras in the region.

Gastronomic offer: Try local specialties in traditional restaurants, such as delicious fish stew, unique goulash, sarma, cherry sauce and sweet pancakes. You will face a difficult decision – which wineries to visit and which to leave for next time!

Culture And Entertainment

Festivals and events: Take part in various cultural events and festivals held throughout the year, including Palić Film Festival and Wine Day.

City walks: Stroll through the city’s colorful streets, exploring architectural gems such as the Town Hall and the Synagogue, and enjoy the atmosphere of colorful facades and picturesque squares.

Your stay in Subotica will be an unforgettable experience full of adventure, beauty and rich culture. Enjoy every moment and discover the charms of this beautiful city and its surroundings.

How To Get To Subotica

Subotica is located in the far north of Serbia and is easily accessible both from Serbia and from neighbouring countries: Hungary, Croatia and Romania. Below we show you the easiest way to get there from the nearest airports.

By Car

From Belgrade: The distance is about 180 km, and the drive takes approximately 2 hours on the E75 highway.

From Budapest: The distance is about 200 km, and the drive takes approximately 2 hours  and 30 minutes on the M5 highway, or half an hour longer on the M43.

From Osijek: The distance is about 125 km, and the drive takes approximately 2 hours via highway 12.

From Timișoara: The distance is about 165 km, and the drive takes approximately 3 hours on highway 105.

By Plane

Belgrade Airport (BEG): After landing in Belgrade, you can rent a car or travel by bus to Subotica (about 18 km).

Budapest Airport (BUD): After landing in Budapest, you can rent a car or travel by bus to Subotica (about 200 km).

Osijek Airport (OSI): After landing in Osijek, you can rent a car and travel to Subotica (about 125 km).

Timișoara Airport (TSR): After landing in Timișoara, you can rent a car and travel to Subotica (about 165 km).

By Train

From Belgrade: due to the construction of the railway, trains run only to Novi Sad..

From Budapest: It is possible to travel by train to the border and then by bus or taxi to Subotica.

From Osijek: There are no direct trains to Subotica, but it is possible to travel via Belgrade.

From Timișoara: There are no direct trains to Subotica, but it is possible to travel via Novi Sad.

Accommodation In Subotica

In Subotica and Palić you can find a variety of accommodations adapted to different needs and budgets. If you decide to go to Subotica, you will be in the centre of the action, close to all the city’s attractions, while accommodation in Palić offers you a beautiful view of the lake and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Here’s an overview of the available options and their features:


Hotels typically offer comfortable accommodation with varying levels of luxury and amenities. Hotel accommodation includes:

  • Luxury rooms equipped with modern facilities
  • Restaurant, bar and wellness centre

Price range: From around €50 to €120 for a double room, depending on the hotel category and facilities.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation in Subotica can include various options such as rooms in households or small guesthouses, as well as renting fully equipped apartments. If you decide on this type of stay, expect:

  • Friendly atmosphere and personal approach of the owner
  • Options for breakfast or other meals as desired
  • More favourable prices compared to hotels and apartments

Price range: From around €20 to €60 per night, depending on the location and the services provided.

You can see more details and specific offers at website of the Tourist Organization of Subotica.

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Extend The Weekend

Subotica in the spring is beautiful, and full of various events. Therefore, inviting your partner or family for an extended weekend in Subotica can be a great idea!

Enjoy the charms of the city and explore everything that Subotica has to offer.

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