About the conference

Welcome to the 9th International Conference “Contemporary Achievements in Civil Engineering”, where scientists and experts will gather to explore and discuss the progress, challenges and discoveries in the ever-evolving field of civil engineering.

Civil engineering is the backbone of modern civilization, shaping the world we live in, from the towering skyscrapers that define our urban landscapes to the complex infrastructure networks that connect our communities. In this rapidly changing environment, the need for sustainable, resilient and innovative solutions has never been more important. Our conference serves as a dynamic platform for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge, exchange ideas and move civil engineering into the future.

Join us on a journey to the latest developments in construction techniques, transportation systems, environmental sustainability and urban planning. We invite you to participate, engage and contribute to the ongoing narrative of innovation and progress in this dynamic field.

Conference Topics

Civil Engineering

Experimental and theoretical analysis of constructions, condition assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of construction facilities, bridges, tunnels and roads. modern methods of design and construction, modern building materials, green construction and energy efficiency in construction, risk management of catastrophic events and fires, project management in construction, hydrology, hydraulics, wastewater treatment, communal hydrotechnics, groundwater, irrigation, drainage, geotechnical engineering, other topics from the field of civil engineering.


Reference systems and reference networks, physical and mathematical geodesy, satellite geodesy and geodetic astronomy, geoinformatics and geoinformation systems, photogrammetry and remote detection, cadastre and planning of land territory.


Housing, theory, philosophy and methodology of architectural design, history of architecture, urban planning, connections and interactions of architectural and urban design with archaeology, sociology, ethnology, anthropology, ecology, natural resources and climate change.

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Subotica in the spring is beautiful, and full of various events. Therefore, inviting your partner or family for an extended weekend in Subotica can be a great idea!

Enjoy the charms of the city and explore everything that Subotica has to offer.

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